I find it interesting to hear what others observe in the pieces I do, or for that matter any
art work in general. The reason for this is that all too often what I end up seeing in my
own work changes over time and frequently becomes more relevant to the present
than the original intent. When I originally produce an item, I pass through a lot of
decision making and usually end up doing what feels right at the time. The why does
not always present itself. For this reason, when I name a piece, the name only reflects
what I see at that time. I don’t always see the same things another artisan sees in his
work and  I would not ask that everyone see what I see in my own work. To me a good
piece probably represents many things to many people, some intended and some
unintended. I think that the important thing is that the piece grab a heart string and be
what it is to the observer. Rename the piece to mean the most to you and reflect your
feelings. I have renamed some of my own pieces. Why should we limit the artistic
scope and value of an item by the name we give it or the meaning someone else
interprets? Conversely, does  the name always describe what I see in it?  The most
interesting pieces will almost always mean different things to different people.

The key to success in every piece I do is precision. Microscopic variations can result
in failure. While there is no such thing as perfect, you must try for perfection. If you
don't, your odds for success are minute. That is the challenge, and the fun, of what I

The construction of a piece usually presents the biggest challenge. I guess this is
where the Engineer in me comes out, as the fun part is solving these problems.  
Almost every item I have made at some point has presented challenges that may or
can result in new methods or techniques. I usually will try something new thus
enhancing my skill sest and result in more interesting work in the future. I don’t hesitate
to borrow concepts and methods of other artisans as I don’t believe in reinventing the
wheel and know for certain that my way is not always the best. Many times, what and
how you do, it depends on how your shop is equipped. I have studied the works of
many  turners, both solid and open segmented and realize the major motivating factor
for me is the fun. “Have fun” sort of says it all. It is fun and with each step you begin to
realize the endless combination of things you can do which leads to more fun.
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